Slowdive Live in SF, CA (11/7/14)


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but Slowdive was just too good to resist. For a 20 year reunion tour it felt appropriate to capture the magic of arguably my favorite song of theirs “Alison” on video. Anyways, read on for the video, a full audio recording of the show, and an informative interview explaining that there may be an eventual new Slowdive album!

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Hear Mr. Scruff’s 6hr DJ Set in San Francisco

Mr.Scruff LiveDJ 6hrSF

Mr. Scruff recently came to San Francisco to play a rare 6 hr long DJ set spanning all sorts of funky tunes through time, genres, and space. Well, to be fair it wasn’t quite all genres but a lot of older and lesser known tunes with some level of dance-ability and an ample amount of groove and funk. And it was great. He was looking like he had a stellar time spinning tunes and messing with his studio rack styled custom DJ setup, fit with nice sounding filters, delays, and reverbs a plenty. Read on for a 20 min video of his set and a full audio recording of all 6 hrs in their funk filled glory.

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DIIV Live in SF, CA (03/01/13)


DIIV recently came to San Francisco (as part of Noise Pop) to play two sold out shows at the Brick & Mortar and I managed to go and great spot (in the small but fun venue) on Friday March, 1st 2013.

As a band together, DIIV definitely lived up to the hype and were as good as I would’ve hoped live (and maybe a bit more). So take my word for it and be sure to check them out if they come to play live in your area. And in case you never listened to their album last year Oshin, get to it! It’s great.

For a better sense of how DIIV is liiv (see what i did there), check out the live videos below of “Past Lives”, “Geist”, and an epic version of “Air Conditioning”.

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Watch: New Balam Acab Song Live in SF, CA (06/01/12)

Pennsylvania’s (20 yrs old) Alec Koone aka Balam Acab recently came to visit San Francisco’s The Elbo Room (for the 120 Minutes party) to play a live set of his personal blend of beautiful washed out, organic, electronic, ambient percussive productions (or whatever you want to call them).

The set began with what I believe to be three or four new songs (or at least songs unfamiliar to me) followed by live renditions of tracks from 2011’s stellar “Wander/Wonder” album. And for those of you who follow Balam Acab’s soundcloud closely, I can say that I didn’t recall hearing any of his other self released songs/remixes. Unfortunately, this means that he did not play his awesome new stomach bubble fake trap “Ass Pop” track he just posted on soundcloud (a day prior to the show) either.

Regardless, Balam Acab gave a great performance working his Launchpad and SP-404 well (and whatever other gadgets he had going), giving San Francisco a mesmerizing night of pleasantly hypnotizing sounds (or as he mentioned “boring sleepy time” sounds) that was definitely as good or better than I expected.  The next time you see that Balam Acab comes around your neck of the woods, take my word and go give him a listen.

Check out Balam Acab playing a new track I’m referring to as “Don’t Be Afraid” due to the vocal sample throughout the song.

Although I had never heard this next song and thought it was an awesome new track (and yes, it’s still awesome even though it’s not new), it is apparently a Balam Acab remix of an old unreleased track “Heavy Living Things”

Prefuse 73 & Blockhead Live in SF, CA (03/16/12)

Prefuse 73 and Blockhead (who is really who I came to see) both came to 103 Harriet on March 16th 2012 for Re:Creation to play some live tunes in a dj style setting. I took some lengthy videos of each of their quality sets. I’d normally write a little bit more about each of them and what was going on in their sets; but honestly, I am way too tired right now.

As you can see in the videos below, Blockhead pulls off a little mashup action while Prefuse likes to get down with his filtering and effects (in this case with the help of Dnae Beats as can be seen above), and both produced enjoyable results. Check ’em out below.

Soulwax Live in SF, CA (10/27/11)

I saw Soulwax live recently at The Independent in San Francisco and they were pretty awesome, to say the least. Definitely exceeded my expectations in regards to recreating their crunchy distorted synth sound live. Great stuff.

I am also at a general lack of words right now so I’m just going to post the videos I took below. I’m also not that familiar with song titles for these Soulwax tunes so if you know any for sure, leave me a comment here or on the youtube video and I’ll be sure to update everything. Enjoy!

Also, Goose opened for Soulwax and I managed to catch a song of theirs on video below. They’re a pretty solid begian electro dance band if you aren’t familiar. Worth a watch.

DJ Shadow Live in SF, CA (10/21/11)

I recently saw (the bay area’s very own) DJ Shadow aka Josh Davis at the Regency Center in San Francisco on Friday (on 10/21/11) with his Shadowsphere production; and as you might expect, Shadow mixed an enjoyable myriad of genres reaching from mainly his own material ranging from his early days to his latest album.

The Shadowsphere’s visuals were great (although I recommend not to see them right after seeing Amon Tobin’s ISAM live show because all visuals look kinda lame after that), the music was recognizable at times but still varied and interesting, and Shadow’s showmanship was center stage with all of the musical toys he packed onto the tables in his little sphere (my favorites being his virtual drums); the only thing surprising was that his set was short in length topping out a little over an hour.

Anyways, I managed to take a few videos so check out DJ Shadow playing “Redeemed” off his 2011 album (The Less You Know, The Better) and a longer drum & bass style mix containing components of “Stem Long Stem Transmission”. “The 6 Day War”, “What Does Your Soul Look Like (Pt 1)”, and some other songs below. Enjoy.