Identity Festival 2011 (09/03/11)

The Identity Festival recently made its trip to the San Francisco bay area landing at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain view on Saturday September 3rd, 2011. Although there were some decent names of the bill overall, I went mainly to see Booka Shade (seen above), Kaskade, and Pretty Lights and they did not disappoint. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for my sh*tty camera.

As a result of the Shoreline controlling the amount of people in the front section of the main stage, I lucked out and got an amazing spot in front since I headed there early to catch Booka Shade (and then ended up staying there fore the rest of the event). The front sectioned off area consisted of an extremely small dance pit and first fifty or so rows of bleacher seats; I was about three rows from the front. It was a prettay sweet view that would’ve made for some good videos had it not been for the super distorted audio from my camera.

Anyways, long story short, Identity festival at Shoreline was a lot of fun and definitely exceeded my expectations! From what I saw/heard I can say that Booka Shade, Pretty Lights, and Kaskade are all awesome and worth seeing if you haven’t already (especially Pretty Lights if you’re a fan of visuals); however, Disco Biscuits are not worth your time.

Check out the videos below if you want a taste of what a Booka Shade or Pretty Lights show looks like (…Amazing! is a good descriptor). Apologies again for the audio quality though, because it is really pretty terrible.

The German Booka Shade are pretty entertaining live and def worth checking out if they hit your area. Hard to beat stand up live drumming and a table of synths and effects. Check them out playing their classic song “Night Falls” live below.

Pretty Lights fully lives up to his name with his new live show…and Yes, that was a terrible pun, deal with it. It’s deserving of how stupidly impressive his current live show is. It’s almost Amon Tobin Isam status.

Lastly, check out a short clip of one of the crazier visual patterns Pretty Lights has going on during his show