SebastiAn Live in SF, CA (09/11/11)

French electro artist SebastiAn recently came to San Francisco for a “live” show (at the Mezzanine on 09/19/11) and although the music was really enjoyable at the time, the performance ended up ultimately being a bit disappointing after later finding out that he was playing a premixed set without any kind of midi controller. However, if that’s not something that bothers you, then I would say he’s still worth seeing.

Ed Banger’s SebastiAn aka Sebastian Akchoté spent the duration of his 1hr+ set smoking cigarettes, drinking, looking at his computer, and putting one fist or two fists up every now and then. He was backed by a couple “S” lights, some random political themed visuals behind him, and an occasional barrage of flashing lights. Now as I mentioned before, the music sounded good and I heard some songs I didn’t recognize which is always exciting.

All in all it was still a fun time; but when you pay $25 for a ticket to see an artist play “live” (as it was billed) only to later find out that the guy is just smoking cigarettes along to his premixed set, it is kind of disappointing. This fact was validated by a DJ friend of mine who opened for SebastiAn that night.

Regardless, the videos below are worth watching because the sounds and video are pretty good (my new droid bionic phones takes 1080p videos apparently woo), and after all it’s all free so you should check out the videos below (without paying and feeling cheated of a real performance). Enjoy!