Porter Robinson and The M Machine Live in SF, CA (07/28/11)

A while back I took a stroll through bros-ville and saw Porter Robinson and The Machine at Ruby Skye in San Francisco. Not that either of those acts have anything to do with bros, but if you’ve been to Ruby Skye, you’ll know what I mean.

Anyways, I took some prettay mediocre videos and decided to post them anyways. Instead of filtering out media that isn’t of great quality, I’ve decided to just post whatever on the internets because it really doesn’t hurt, and if anyone enjoys it, it’s worthwhile to me.

So, check out the videos below of Porter Robinson DJ’ing it up (Porter plays a new song in one of the videos) and The M Machine (formerly Pance Party, recently thought to be named Metropolis) doing their thing with their sweet home made M light wall.