Flashflooder DJ Mix: Move It Or Lose It Live


I DJ’ed this past Friday night at Monarch in San Francisco to open the “Move It Or Lose It” party. To put it simply, I played lots and lots of (electronic, eclectic, deep, tech, house, or whatever) jams I’ve been digging recently. They also all happen to be on the lower end of the four on the floor bpm scale like 115-122 As of right now It’s probably my favorite mix of mine just cuz I like da songz so much. You should listen to hear what this self fabricated non buzz is all about. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Or what was the deal with the hokey pokey anyways?

Read on for the tracklisting and stuff. Or maybe not stuff. To be determined upon further typing.

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Flashflooder DJ Set: throwDOWN @ Sip Lounge (08/11/11)

I recently hosted and played a dj set at the inaugural throwDOWN thursdays event at Sip Lounge in San Francisco, CA on August 11th, 2011. The event featured the majority of the DJ Techtools staff getting their dj/drink on throughout the night and was a lot of fun. I ended up recording most of my set and uploaded it to my soundcloud (below).

For my dj set, I used a VCI-100 Arcade and a Custom Midi Fighter (as can be seen in the pic above) and mixed mainly electro house tunes. The mix levels are a little funky at times because we were battling the house system all night, but you get the idea.

I’ll post a tracklist soon if there’s interest. For now, enjoy the party jams.