Flashflooder’s Top 100 Music Releases of 2014


Ok, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I’ve finally made my objectionably arbitrary picks for best music releases of the year 2014 (remember? that year a little over a month ago). However, since I’m late and all I’m going to cut the blasé pun banter and just give you my list, as well as a bunch of others to read for relativity. Plus, this year I made a Spotify playlist!

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Caribou: BBC1 Essential Mix & 2014 HD Concert Video


Dan Snaith (aka the man behind the band Caribou) has been keeping quite busy lately in support of his masterful new album Our Love. He’s been doing insightful interviews on all sorts of media sites, began a massive worldwide Caribou tour, fitting in a few Daphni (his DJ/dance production alias) DJ sets here and there, and just released his first essential mix for the famed BBC Radio 1.

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Coachella 2014: Flashflooder’s Picks


So you’re going to Coachella this year, eh? Or maybe you haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet and are trying to decide whether it’s worth your time to convince some random facebook friend to sell you their extra ticket or even better, to deal with the joys of craigslist ticket trafficking?

Well, in any case this post is to serve to share what bands/artists/DJs I personally am most excited to be seeing in the desert this year and hopefully it enables you to discover some new music in the process as well. So let’s get on to it already.

For simplicity’s sake, I am going to go through the lineup in order and list off around ten or so artists from each day that you should not miss. And of course, I’ll share a video link for each and a shortlist of the bands/artists best known albums (for all you spotify folks) so you can really get a taste of who they are and what exactly they sound like. Enjoy and happy Coachella’ing.

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