Caribou: BBC1 Essential Mix & 2014 HD Concert Video


Dan Snaith (aka the man behind the band Caribou) has been keeping quite busy lately in support of his masterful new album Our Love. He’s been doing insightful interviews on all sorts of media sites, began a massive worldwide Caribou tour, fitting in a few Daphni (his DJ/dance production alias) DJ sets here and there, and just released his first essential mix for the famed BBC Radio 1.

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Flashflooder DJ Sets: Before/After STRFKR Show


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of DJ’ing at a private show that STRFKR played live at in a tiny venue that hosted maybe 200 people. More specifically, this went down at a new venue called Leo’s along the Berkeley/Oakland border and was thrown by two great dudes, one who happens to be a friend of mine and the other happened to be the owner of the venue. Anyways, the night was spectacular, the energy and vibes of the people were great, and of course STRFKR played a great show and were overall good dudes.

My contribution of the night was playing the intro DJ set before STRFKR took the stage and also playing a closing dance set after they finished their set. All in all I DJ’ed for about 3.5 hrs that night with the “before” set being a mix of indie and chill house tunes with some dance appeal starting slow and then picking up the pace up to an eventual dance floor friendy tempo which was continued and extended into heavier tracks (including some crowd requested trap hehe) for the “after” set. The response was unanimously great to my DJ sets for the night, especially the “before” set and it was such a wonderful feeling that I can’t be thankful enough for. If anyone is reading this that was actually there who gave me a high-five, a smile, a hug, or a thank you….THANK YOU! It’s that kind of energy and response that really makes me enjoy DJ’ing and sharing music with other people.

But if you weren’t there and want to hear what you missed out on, you’re in luck! I happened to record both sets and have posted them below for your listening pleasure. Full tracklisting for each is posted below as well as on the soundcloud descriptions. Enjoy!

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Hear Mr. Scruff’s 6hr DJ Set in San Francisco

Mr.Scruff LiveDJ 6hrSF

Mr. Scruff recently came to San Francisco to play a rare 6 hr long DJ set spanning all sorts of funky tunes through time, genres, and space. Well, to be fair it wasn’t quite all genres but a lot of older and lesser known tunes with some level of dance-ability and an ample amount of groove and funk. And it was great. He was looking like he had a stellar time spinning tunes and messing with his studio rack styled custom DJ setup, fit with nice sounding filters, delays, and reverbs a plenty. Read on for a 20 min video of his set and a full audio recording of all 6 hrs in their funk filled glory.

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Flashflooder’s “4th of Rahuly” 7+hr Marathon Mix


Last Friday I threw a send off party for one of my very good friends Rahul (who’s leaving to travel the world) at my house which also served as a dual purpose independence day party (as it started on the 4th of July and went well into the 5th). At the party I was prepared to play a little DJ mix for everyone to groove to some quality tunes and have some dancing fun times. Little did I know that this DJ mix would actually stretch into all hours of the night, clocking in at just under 8 hours. That’s right, it’s not a typo. This was and in all likelihood will be, the longest DJ set I’ve ever played in my life.

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Give Mac Demarco His Own Damn TV Show Already


So apparently the tv network MTV that you know best from the VMAs, TRLs, Carson Dalys, Kurt Loders, music videos, and the variety of terrible reality shows (that I will not mention) still has one show that is funny, strange, amusing, and hip to the indie scene. Enter Weird Vibes (which is technically on MTV Hive, whatever that is). Out of all the Weird Vibes shows I’ve watched, Mac Demarco’s (episode 18) takes the cake. And the souffle too. After you take a bit of time (below) to familiarize yourself with Mac this should come as no surprise, as you’ll find that Demarco’s gregarious personality seems more than fit for the spotlight.

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The Black Key’s “Waiting On Words” Sounds Incredibly like John Frusciante’s “Dissolve”


The title pretty much says it all (although I should probably add “to me” at the end). I just listened to the Black Key’s new album Turn Blue today and when I heard “Waiting On Words” the tune immediately shot out to me as sounding really really familiar. Like, one of my favorite John Frusciante songs (off his 2004 DC EP) “Dissolve” familiar.

I’m not by any means looking to spur any sort of weird conspiracy theory or write any dumb article on how one is ripping off the other (they’re not) but the resemblance struck me as strikingly familiar. And yes, it struck me strikingly. That much.

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Traktor Midi Mapping: How to Make Instant Gratification Style Effects & Play Them Musically

Flashflooder here, your friendly neighborhood Midi Mapper and today we are going to demystify the ever so popular Instant Gratification mapping. Now if you’ll take a trip down memory lane you’ll remember that I explained how to midi map your own supercombos a long while ago but that was the extra gravy on top of the mashed potatoes that was the original O.G. Instant Gratification mapping. And today feels like a potatoes kind of day, so we are going to dive into the core concept of that mapping which was intuitive, fun, cool, and (most importantly) consistent sounding one push button style effects. Read on to learn how to MIDI map these button friendly effects yourself and also learn a sneaky trick for how to play a row of the same effect buttons musically without skipping a beat.

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