Caribou: BBC1 Essential Mix & 2014 HD Concert Video


Dan Snaith (aka the man behind the band Caribou) has been keeping quite busy lately in support of his masterful new album Our Love. He’s been doing insightful interviews on all sorts of media sites, began a massive worldwide Caribou tour, fitting in a few Daphni (his DJ/dance production alias) DJ sets here and there, and just released his first essential mix for the famed BBC Radio 1.

Snaith is a rare musical talent that has always impressed and drawn massive respect for his wide ranging taste and knowledge of eclectic music from any and all genres. His exquisite back catalog as Caribou (originally named Manitoba before a lawsuit forced the name change) documents his personal sonic interests as he channeled sampled psychedelia with 2003’s Up In Flames, krautrock with 2005’s The Milk of Human Kindness, 60’s pop with 2007’s Andorra, and deep swirling dancefloor inspired music for 2010’s Swim. He also found time in 2005 to fit in Marino an EP/Video combo package including new music, music videos for almost all of his tracks on Up in Flames and The Milk of Human Kindness, plus a full feature animated movie set to the music of The Milk of Human Kindness. If that wasn’t enough his (also excellent) first record of electronic IDM style songs 2001’s Start Breaking My Heart was completed while he was finishing up his PhD in Mathematics on Overconvergent Siegel Modular Symbols (wow).

The guy has got a crazy work ethic to say the least given that he also fit in a dance record in 2012 as Daphni (Jiaolong), started a record label under the same Jialong moniker, and after each Caribou record embarks on long 6 to 12 month marathon tours playing at least every other day or more in most cases. Not to mention, he always releases a tour EP to go along with each album tour which feature b-sides from the most recent record and a personal mix from Dan of tunes from his deep and rare record collection (which are all amazing and absurdly eclectic in their own right).

So when it came time for Dan in his Caribou/Daphni fame to grace BBC Radio 1 and Pete Tong with a two hour essential mix you could bet that it was going to be a captivating two hour sonic journey featuring songs new and old. And it is just that and more. Showcasing tracks from his new album, unreleased Daphni edits, and new tracks from the likes of Les Sins (Toro y Moi’s dance alias), Pearson Sound, Boddika & Joy Orbison, and Anthony Naples the mix delivers on all sorts of levels categorically and fittingly placing him along the elite class of other producers to be graced with an Essential Mix under their name.

For a few more weeks you can listen to Caribou’s Essential Mix on the BBC Radio1 site full with a track list but after that you’ll need to consult the old trusty sound cloud to find a copy of it. Luckily I already have you covered with both.

BBC Radio 1 – Essential Mix: Caribou (w/track listing)

And as mentioned above, Caribou recently embarked on a world wide tour in support of his record Our Love and Boiler Room was nice enough to capture an entire live Caribou full band set in glorious HD video and post it online for everyone’s audio visual pleasure. Running through tracks mostly from Swim and Our Love this is a must watch if you’ve ever wanted to see Caribou live, haven’t seen him for a while, or aren’t going to be able to make it to one of his upcoming tour dates. On that note, be sure to check out his website for the full listing of his tour dates and news. If he comes through to your town, go see him.

If you’re still wanting more Caribou, look no further than some of the interesting interviews he’s done lately explaining a lot about the influences and process that resulted in his latest album Our Love as well as some other interesting tidbits about his life and uncanny connections with music.

Resident Advisor’s Exchange 218: Caribou Audio Interview

Pitchfork’s 5-10-15-20 with Caribou

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