Hear Mr. Scruff’s 6hr DJ Set in San Francisco

Mr.Scruff LiveDJ 6hrSF

Mr. Scruff recently came to San Francisco to play a rare 6 hr long DJ set spanning all sorts of funky tunes through time, genres, and space. Well, to be fair it wasn’t quite all genres but a lot of older and lesser known tunes with some level of dance-ability and an ample amount of groove and funk. And it was great. He was looking like he had a stellar time spinning tunes and messing with his studio rack styled custom DJ setup, fit with nice sounding filters, delays, and reverbs a plenty. Read on for a 20 min video of his set and a full audio recording of all 6 hrs in their funk filled glory.

Unless something has changed that I’m not aware of, talk is still cheap so let’s just move on from that and let the audio speak for itself. With that in mind, check out the 20 min (i.e., 1/18 of the set) video sample I took below and the full 6hr recording of his set, which was briefly available through his website at mrscruff.com but I’ve now re-uploaded for you in all its mediafire glory. You’re welcome.


Mr. Scruff – 6hr DJ Set @ Publicworks in San Francisco, CA [8/16/14]

^^^ DOWNLOAD Link Above ^^^

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