Give Mac Demarco His Own Damn TV Show Already


So apparently the tv network MTV that you know best from the VMAs, TRLs, Carson Dalys, Kurt Loders, music videos, and the variety of terrible reality shows (that I will not mention) still has one show that is funny, strange, amusing, and hip to the indie scene. Enter Weird Vibes (which is technically on MTV Hive, whatever that is). Out of all the Weird Vibes shows I’ve watched, Mac Demarco’s (episode 18) takes the cake. And the souffle too. After you take a bit of time (below) to familiarize yourself with Mac this should come as no surprise, as you’ll find that Demarco’s gregarious personality seems more than fit for the spotlight.

If you’re not familiar with Mac Demarco, the man makes sweet groovy chill guitar tunes that will make you feel like your suburban cardboard box has turned into a funky island paradise, full of “good times”, family vibes, tales of love, and cigarettes. Three parts goofball, two parts prankster, one part comic, 1/2 part  spontaneous dude, and a dollop of genuine sweetness make up this Mac Demarco character (and I mean character in the best way possible). Originating from Canada, Mac has now produced three albums to his solo namesake, the most recent being 2014’s excellent “Salad Days”, a follow up to his 2012 breakout record “2” (both released on Captured Tracks).

But anyways, back to what I was talking about. Weird Vibes. with Mac Demarco. This episode is truly great as he treks through the 2013 Pitchfork Festival interviewing fellow indie artists, bands, and fans with a certain pizazz that only Mac can yield. I could go on highlighting my favorite moments and quotables but it’s better that you just watch and allow your cheeks to hurt from smiling and laughing so much. And if you’d like to watch the full video in its entirety (containing all the interviews below) plus some music videos, check out the full episode on the Weird Vibes site here

And yes, the rest of the Weird Vibes episodes are fairly entertaining, but my hat goes off to Mac for being by far the best host anyone could ever hope for (sorry Riff Raff…not really sorry).

For some more fun & funny short clips of the Mac attack, look no further than the man’s very own youtube channel. Lots of funny stuff in there and I’m just going to post a few below that are especially good.

So if you’ve made it this far you’re probably hungry for some more Mac (and I don’t mean mac’n’cheese 😉 …insert corny comedic drum sound here). Well, it just so happens that Pitchfork put together a very entertaining documentary on the Mac called “Pepperoni Playboy”. It’s a riot and worth your time (unless you’re super duper important and stuff, but then why are you taking the time to read this?).

And if you ever wondered what it would be like to go on a date with good ‘ol Mac, well CMJ has got you covered there.

And here’s one more interview where Mac shows that he has an exquisite culinary palette for baby food.

So just to rope in my article title and all….don’t you think that Mac would make for a great tonight show host with his bassist buddy Pierce (the wacky dude with the moustache and red/blonde hair) being the commentary sidekick. I mean, would you really not watch that? I know I would, happily. TV network executives, pay attention (also wouldn’t mind a finder’s fee).

Alas, you’ve come this far (to the very end), watched all the videos, and still claim to not be amused by Mr. Demarco? Well, I don’t know what to say. Other than…


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