The Black Key’s “Waiting On Words” Sounds Incredibly like John Frusciante’s “Dissolve”


The title pretty much says it all (although I should probably add “to me” at the end). I just listened to the Black Key’s new album Turn Blue today and when I heard “Waiting On Words” the tune immediately shot out to me as sounding really really familiar. Like, one of my favorite John Frusciante songs (off his 2004 DC EP) “Dissolve” familiar.

I’m not by any means looking to spur any sort of weird conspiracy theory or write any dumb article on how one is ripping off the other (they’re not) but the resemblance struck me as strikingly familiar. And yes, it struck me strikingly. That much.

For the record, I have been a huge fan of the Black Keys since the get go, since dem Big Come Up days and also love John Frusciante (who also had a new album this year Enclosure, which was…interesting. Listen to it for yourself) so I have to assume that this is just an amusing coincidence but I’ve got to wonder if somehow, sometime Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) or Danger Mouse (who co-produced Turn Blue) ever heard “Dissolve” and subconsciously had the riff/chords stick in their head only to years later let them back out in this current form. Doubtful, but you never know.

To be clear, the songs are very different overall (despite sharing a similar riff) and are both good in their own right so no complaints here, but I do take it to be a funny coincidence. Especially because Dan seems to be channeling his inner Frusciante falsetto for the song, which sounds great by the way (and had me initially looking confused at the tracklist to see who was featured singing on the song). But hey, don’t just take it from me, take a listen yourself.

John Frusciante – Dissolve

The Black Keys – Waiting On Words

Listen on Grooveshark

And in the end, it was all good, Frusciante gave the thumbs up, approved, and everyone lived happily ever after.



7 thoughts on “The Black Key’s “Waiting On Words” Sounds Incredibly like John Frusciante’s “Dissolve”

  1. Crazy that you wrote this because I feel like a good amount of Turn Blue is Frusciante-esque. I noticed it right off the bat on Weight of Love. Sounds like a lot of solo John stuff. In fact I came across your site because I Googled John and Dan together to see if they ever worked together or knew each other personally. I dont recall ever hearing that they have, but because of the sound of this album I had to look it up.

    • Yeah, it is really interesting and I’m glad to hear you noticed the similarities as well and I’m not alone. Maybe there’s something more to the story and they are secretly best buddies now heh. Anything’s possible I suppose but it would actually be really interesting to learn if Dan is familiar with Frusciante’s solo work at all. And if not, they should become friends and make some music together. Now that would be a whole another level of guitar epicness.

  2. First thing that went through my head when I heard was “Waiting On Words” was “I’ve know this track…it’s Frusciante” I forgot the name of the track though, googled, and found your post. Auerbach definitely stepped up his guitar game with this album, definitely hear Frusciante influence – Psychedelia tinged solos

  3. Especially the guitar solo on “In our prime” it reminds me a lot The Empyrean.
    That’s true the whole album sounds a bit like some Frusciante’s songs.
    I’m a big fan of John and I directly thought the same as you.

  4. As for the guitar work on the rest of the album, I’m not super familiar with Frusciante’s solo work, but the first thing that came to mind was Eddie Hazel. Makes sense…he was an influence on Frusciante.

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