The Synesthetic Wonder of Ryoichi Kurokawa


Ryoichi Kurokawa is no average artist by any small feat. When reading up on Kurokawa you’ll find the word synesthetic thrown around quite a bit, and for good reason. While (at this day and age) many can say they’ve seen a great concert or show that was heavily complimented by amazing visuals, lights, lasers or special effects, in most cases these are independent performances created separately to work together in harmony. However, this is not how the 36 year old now Berlin based and Japanese born Kurokawa operates. Living in an artistic world where audio and visual sensory inputs are not only combined but completely interactive with one another is what truly makes his work incredibly unique, fascinating, and all together quite breath taking.

The closest thing (in the semi-popular media) to his work in recent history might be Amon Tobin’s ISAM live show but even that was more of a grandiose visual accompaniment to a live electronic music performance (and a very good one at that) while Kurokawa’s work is often less inherently musical which generally results in a more visceral experience. Plus, when you add in the fact that his work is heavily influenced by or includes elements of nature, history and the world, this serves to create a very organic and humanizing feeling where things seems oddly familiar but still clearly unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The first few times I saw videos of Kurokawa’s work I was literally left speechless and stunned in awe. There’s so much that could be said about Kurokawa’s work and this style of art but instead let me just get out of the way, avoid any further suspense, and get on to showcasing some amazing videos for you to experience the wonder of Ryoichi Kurokawa yourself.

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