DJTT VCI-400SE Flashflooder v2.5 Traktor Mapping

Hey hey, so it’s another new year and that means another new VCI-400SE mapping, right? …err, well, in actuality, I had hoped to finish this a few months back but sometimes things don’t always go quite as planned and time just don’t stop for no one. Nevertheless, I’ve created a new mapping version for what is still a top notch beast of a controller (despite being released almost two years ago now) which streamlines and simplifies the functionality to what DJs really need and use.

I could go on describing the changes but it’s probably best if you just watch the video below to get a better sense for yourself. As a summary, the main new features are having the ability to trigger all 64 cells of Remix Decks C & D, a FreezeFX mode (with 4 presets including the popular Echo Freeze), basic Loop In/Out controls, a dedicated FX Dry/Wet control section (for pro-style effect fading in and out), and various other small changes. Good stuff all around…

And of course, should you want to download/subscribe to this mapping, post comments for ideas, or post any found bugs, please do so at the mapping link below from DJ Techtools’ MIDI mapping repository MAPS.

DJTT VCI-400SE Flashflooder v2.5 Traktor Mapping Page

As always, thanks to all the users and people in the community for your support! It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it.


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