Daft Punk Collaborators Videos & Rare 2013 Interviews

So I meant to post this a long while ago (right after all these things came out) and forgot but it’s still worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet. anyways, here goes…

(Earlier this year) the dynamic French robot duo known as Daft Punk released their fourth studio album Random Access Memories to much anticipated hype and glory (you’ve probably heard about this and heard the hit single “Get Lucky” unless you’ve been living in a cave or something; in which case, how are you getting internet in a cave?). Not only did they switch it up from past albums by using a lot more live instrumentation than they have in the past, they also utilized a ton of famous collaborator musicians throughout the album.

Due to the hype machine surrounding this album’s release, The Creator’s Project put on interviews with most of the key Daft Punk collaborators and posted the videos on youtube in each week leading up to the album’s release. Not only are the interviews insightful and interesting but you get a real sense of what impact these two robot guys have had on dance music and their contemporaries, while also seeing how they meticulously approach crafting music and working with others. Check out the youtube playlist below to see all 8 video interviews in their glory. As you might figure, they’re all good and worth watching (especially Nile Rodgers if you’re not familiar with him).

Daft Punk also made some rare interviews (in human form as Guy and Thomas) this past year in which they shared their thoughts about the RAM album experience, the state of music/technology, and among other things, their interest in making remixes of their own songs (listen at 16:00 of the Pete Tong interview). Take a listen to each below.

The concept of Daft Punk remixing their own songs is exciting enough on its own (especially considering the mashup wonder that was Alive 2007) but given that RAM is more instrument based, hearing a Daft Punk dance remix of any of these new songs was really really exciting to me. Well, the Get Lucky single did come out with their own Daft Punk remix and while you should take a listen below and judge for yourself, I think that it is pretty disappointing given their history of quality dance productions and the fact that the remix doesn’t really sound significantly different from the original. Oh well, hopefully the next Daft Punk remix of Daft Punk will be awesome.

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