Workaholics 2013 Hip-Hop Mix


A while back when I first started trying to make DJ mixes I had the idea to try to make themed mixes, both for fun and to push myself to have a certain focus on these mixes. The two theme types I’ve been most interested in making are genre themed mixes and sample themed mixes. In this case I appeased both of my interests by making a hip-hop/rap genre themed mix which is also themed after the hilarious show Workaholics (via copious vocal samples and specific song selection), which not coincidentally also features a lot of hip-hop music on the show.

Anyways, I had fun rewatching all of the Workaholics Season 3 episodes and cutting up samples of what were some of the funniest moments to me, and I hope that you get some enjoyment or laughs from them as well. Most importantly, I really like all of the songs I used on the mix and feel happy with my selections in pairing them with an appropriate themed Workaholics sample(s). But enough talking about it, just give it a listen below.

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