A STATE OF TRAP: Weekly Trap Podcast

A State Of Trap is a new weekly themed mix show (and podcast) featuring the best new tracks and remixes in the emerging Trap & Future Trill genres. If you’re wondering what those genres are, you might as well push play on one of the mixes below and get your ears acquainted. Don’t worry, I’ll wait………………………Ok then, now on to the story of how of A State Of Trap began.

The concept of A State Of Trap came about after I got back from EDC Vegas this year and was disappointed to hear virtually no trap, trill, crunk, or even hip-hop music at the festival while there was an entire stage devoted to trance, named the A State Of Trance tent which was curated and headlined by Armin Van Buuren and based on his popular weekly podcast of the same name. So long story short, after returning to San Francisco I mentioned the idea to my friend DJ Spacecamp, and with his help and motivation the idea finally came to fruition.

A State Of Trap has three episodes under it’s belt to date and is gaining momentum so if you like what you hear, subscribe to the podcast or follow one of our social outlets below to stay updated. Yours truly is currently prepping episode four for next week, which is looking to be a good one [update: Episode 4 is now live and posted below]. Check the links out below for more info.

A State Of Trap Podcast | AStateOfTrap.com | A State Of Trap Mixcloud

@AStateOfTrap Twitter | A State Of Trap Facebook

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