DJTT VCI-400SE Flashflooder Mapping v1.1 Update

I recently just finished a pretty significant update to my personal Traktor Pro 2 mapping for the DJ Techtools/Vestax VCI-400SE. You can find out more about the mapping and download it for free at:

My personal Flashflooder mapping is an Edit of the official DJ Techtools VCI-400SE mapping (which I also created but under Ean’s direction). If you’re not familiar with that mapping, check out this DJTT mapping walkthrough video I posted a while back.

Anyways, I’ve made a lot of significant some major changes to simplify how the effects architecture works and for those of you using Midi Fighter mappings with this, the effects should work a lot better together. I also made some big changes to how the Slicer and Grid (beat gridding on the fly!) sections work and added a new JogFX setting. I could go on about all the changes I made, why I made them and so on and so forth, but you should really just watch the video below instead. I explain all of the differences between the DJTT mapping and mine and also do a little tutorial on how to use most of the key features. Enjoy!

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