DJTT VCI-400SE Flashflooder Mapping v1.1 Update

I recently just finished a pretty significant update to my personal Traktor Pro 2 mapping for the DJ Techtools/Vestax VCI-400SE. You can find out more about the mapping and download it for free at:

My personal Flashflooder mapping is an Edit of the official DJ Techtools VCI-400SE mapping (which I also created but under Ean’s direction). If you’re not familiar with that mapping, check out this DJTT mapping walkthrough video I posted a while back.

Anyways, I’ve made a lot of significant some major changes to simplify how the effects architecture works and for those of you using Midi Fighter mappings with this, the effects should work a lot better together. I also made some big changes to how the Slicer and Grid (beat gridding on the fly!) sections work and added a new JogFX setting. I could go on about all the changes I made, why I made them and so on and so forth, but you should really just watch the video below instead. I explain all of the differences between the DJTT mapping and mine and also do a little tutorial on how to use most of the key features. Enjoy!

Deadmau5 Rants on “Live” EDM Shows. Reactions from Skrillex & Laidback Luke

Outspoken popular electronic artist Deadmau5 just took to his tumblr to post a little rant on some frustration he’s been having lately with the state of EDM and the concept of DJ’s and producers promoting that they are playing a “live” show. To be honest, I mostly agree with him and this main concept is something that has really been bothering me about popular EDM acts these days. But i’ll leave it to Joel to rant about it.

In the aftermath of his tumblr rant I also found some interesting twitter reactions (from Skrillex, Laidback Luke, and fans) that I’ve posted below for your viewing pleasure.

In other news, Deadmau5 also just graced the cover of Rolling Stone and had an equally outspoken article in it (again) discussing his thoughts on other popular DJs, Madonna, and the EDM scene in general.

Check it out here On the Cover: The Rise of Deadmau5

Lastly, if after all of that you still want more to chew on in regards to this “live” EDM general concept/debate,  then you should check out  a solid article that DJ Techtools posted last week on a similar theme called: The Age of the EDM Rockstar

Flashflooder DJ Mix: Russ’ UnCRUNKervised

I recently decided to put together two things I’ve been enjoying a lot lately in the form of a DJ mix, the hilarious comedy of Russ Brown from the highly underrated FX Animated series Unsupervised, and new school crunk/trap music (which to me is kind of like the what those genres used to mean but with a nice electronic bass slap in the face).

Anyways, the mix is free to download and I’ve provided a track listing for your benefit below. Enjoy (and watch Unsupervised if you haven’t seen it yet)!

Russ UnCRUNKervised Mix Tracklist:
Hudson Mohawke – Cbat
Baauer – DumDum
RL Grime – Trap on Acid
Major Lazer – Original Don (Flosstradumus Remix)
Balam Acab – Ass Pop
Guido x Three Six Mafia x DJ Real Juicy – I Love Having Sax (But I’d Rather Get Some)
Waka Flocka Flame – Hard In Da Paint (Bellizio Remix & Crizzly Edit)
Baauer – Harlem Shake
Jay-Z & Kanye West – Niggas In Paris (MiMOSA REMiX)
Two Fingers – Fools Rhythm
A$AP Rocky – Goldie
Master P – Make ‘Em Say Uhh!

Watch: New Balam Acab Song Live in SF, CA (06/01/12)

Pennsylvania’s (20 yrs old) Alec Koone aka Balam Acab recently came to visit San Francisco’s The Elbo Room (for the 120 Minutes party) to play a live set of his personal blend of beautiful washed out, organic, electronic, ambient percussive productions (or whatever you want to call them).

The set began with what I believe to be three or four new songs (or at least songs unfamiliar to me) followed by live renditions of tracks from 2011’s stellar “Wander/Wonder” album. And for those of you who follow Balam Acab’s soundcloud closely, I can say that I didn’t recall hearing any of his other self released songs/remixes. Unfortunately, this means that he did not play his awesome new stomach bubble fake trap “Ass Pop” track he just posted on soundcloud (a day prior to the show) either.

Regardless, Balam Acab gave a great performance working his Launchpad and SP-404 well (and whatever other gadgets he had going), giving San Francisco a mesmerizing night of pleasantly hypnotizing sounds (or as he mentioned “boring sleepy time” sounds) that was definitely as good or better than I expected.  The next time you see that Balam Acab comes around your neck of the woods, take my word and go give him a listen.

Check out Balam Acab playing a new track I’m referring to as “Don’t Be Afraid” due to the vocal sample throughout the song.

Although I had never heard this next song and thought it was an awesome new track (and yes, it’s still awesome even though it’s not new), it is apparently a Balam Acab remix of an old unreleased track “Heavy Living Things”