Lotus Plaza Live in SF, CA (05/09/12)

Best known for his work at the lead guitarist for Deerhunter, Lockett Pundt recently embarked on his first major tour for his solo project Lotus Plaza in support of their magnificent 2012 LP “Spooky Action at a Distance”. Along that tour Lockett and the Lotus Plaza band made a stop at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco and played a wonderful show that I managed to capture a few videos from.

The band only played eight songs and after a crowd encouraging an encore effort, Lockett came out to apologize saying “sorry we only learned eight songs. next time, we’ll have more”. However, despite the limited amount of songs played, the set was really enjoyable as each song sounded great live and fit in well in the context of all the others.

As mentioned previously, I took live videos of three Lotus Plaza songs: “Come Back”, “Eveningness”, & “Jet Out of The Tundra”. Take a watch/listen below for yourself, it’s worth it.

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