Avey Tare (Animal Collective) performs New Songs on 2011 Tour

Avey Tare (aka Dave Portner of Animal Collective) recently found some time in his busy schedule (e.g., making a new Animal Collective album and doing weird sound art installations at museums) and embarked on a short solo tour supporting his recent 2010 solo album Down There while also allowing him the freedom to jam out on some new tunes which are rumored to be for an upcoming Avey Tare EP he is working on.

I managed to catch (on video) most (if not all) of the new material Avey Tare performed live at his recent show at The New Parish in Oakland, CA on 12/11/11 (which by the way was a  great show overall, plus I got a sweet new t shirt!). According to insiders on the Collected Animals forum the apparent setlist for the night was as follows (new songs indicated by *):

Song For Jerome*
Lucky 1
In Photographs*
Oliver Twist
Slow Words*
3 Umbrellas
Laughing Hieroglyphic
Death Raga*

So, without further adieu, check out five new jams below including a few Down There songs (Lucky 1 & 3 Umbrellas) at the tail end of two of the videos. I’m really looking forward to how these tunes turn out in the studio (especially New Song 2); but for now, enjoy!

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