DJ Shadow Live in SF, CA (10/21/11)

I recently saw (the bay area’s very own) DJ Shadow aka Josh Davis at the Regency Center in San Francisco on Friday (on 10/21/11) with his Shadowsphere production; and as you might expect, Shadow mixed an enjoyable myriad of genres reaching from mainly his own material ranging from his early days to his latest album.

The Shadowsphere’s visuals were great (although I recommend not to see them right after seeing Amon Tobin’s ISAM live show because all visuals look kinda lame after that), the music was recognizable at times but still varied and interesting, and Shadow’s showmanship was center stage with all of the musical toys he packed onto the tables in his little sphere (my favorites being his virtual drums); the only thing surprising was that his set was short in length topping out a little over an hour.

Anyways, I managed to take a few videos so check out DJ Shadow playing “Redeemed” off his 2011 album (The Less You Know, The Better) and a longer drum & bass style mix containing components of “Stem Long Stem Transmission”. “The 6 Day War”, “What Does Your Soul Look Like (Pt 1)”, and some other songs below. Enjoy.

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