Treasure Island Music Festival 2011: Sunday

I went to the Sunday portion of the annual Treasure Island Music Festival this year and as usual, TI separates their two day festival into a first day of more electronic and dancey acts and a second day of indie and rock based acts.

The festival was a great time and seemed much less crowded (and thus more fun) as compared to last year (I blame Deadmau5 mainly for that though) which made for a better overall experience. This year I was able to capture a video or two for every act I really wanted to see except Beach House unfortunately. It got a bit crowded and it was the one time I had people blocking my view for a large portion of their set. It’s a bummer too because they played a few new songs and I regret not recording those, if only for the audio.

Anyways, you can catch some videos I took below of The Antlers playing “Rolled Together”, St. Vincent playing “Surgeon” & “Cruel”, Wild Beasts playing “Albatross” & “Hooting and Howling”, and Explosions In The Sky playing “Postcard from 1952”. Videos speak louder than words so I’ll just leave it at that. Enjoy!

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