DJ Shadow Live in SF, CA (10/21/11)

I recently saw (the bay area’s very own) DJ Shadow aka Josh Davis at the Regency Center in San Francisco on Friday (on 10/21/11) with his Shadowsphere production; and as you might expect, Shadow mixed an enjoyable myriad of genres reaching from mainly his own material ranging from his early days to his latest album.

The Shadowsphere’s visuals were great (although I recommend not to see them right after seeing Amon Tobin’s ISAM live show because all visuals look kinda lame after that), the music was recognizable at times but still varied and interesting, and Shadow’s showmanship was center stage with all of the musical toys he packed onto the tables in his little sphere (my favorites being his virtual drums); the only thing surprising was that his set was short in length topping out a little over an hour.

Anyways, I managed to take a few videos so check out DJ Shadow playing “Redeemed” off his 2011 album (The Less You Know, The Better) and a longer drum & bass style mix containing components of “Stem Long Stem Transmission”. “The 6 Day War”, “What Does Your Soul Look Like (Pt 1)”, and some other songs below. Enjoy.

Treasure Island Music Festival 2011: Sunday

I went to the Sunday portion of the annual Treasure Island Music Festival this year and as usual, TI separates their two day festival into a first day of more electronic and dancey acts and a second day of indie and rock based acts.

The festival was a great time and seemed much less crowded (and thus more fun) as compared to last year (I blame Deadmau5 mainly for that though) which made for a better overall experience. This year I was able to capture a video or two for every act I really wanted to see except Beach House unfortunately. It got a bit crowded and it was the one time I had people blocking my view for a large portion of their set. It’s a bummer too because they played a few new songs and I regret not recording those, if only for the audio.

Anyways, you can catch some videos I took below of The Antlers playing “Rolled Together”, St. Vincent playing “Surgeon” & “Cruel”, Wild Beasts playing “Albatross” & “Hooting and Howling”, and Explosions In The Sky playing “Postcard from 1952”. Videos speak louder than words so I’ll just leave it at that. Enjoy!

Burial & Massive Attack Collaborate on Limited Edition 12″

Burial & Massive Attack recently teamed up on a new two-track limited edition 12″ (album art above) released on Inhale Gold and The Vinyl Factory (limited to 1000 copies). The 12″ includes an original collaborative track “4 Walls” as well as a Burial remix of “Paradise Circus” (off Massive Attack’s 2010 album Heligoland). Take a listen to both below. Great stuff.

Amon Tobin ISAM Live in SF, CA (10/01/11)

Amon Tobin’s new live ISAM tour show is incredible, amazing, astounding, stupendous, ridiculous, and well, you get the picture. Words cannot describe the sensation of seeing and hearing the seemingly alive geomtrical structure that Amon Tobin plays inside (see the cube) while hosting a wold of visuals projected onto it from the outside. It is (quite possibly) out of this world.

As you can see from the picture above (which is what it looks like after the show is over), the visuals are in fact projected onto the structure (by two of the biggest and probably most expensive projectors I will ever see) as opposed to it being a big led structure screen a la Daft Punk, Etienne De Crecy, or Deadmau5‘s recent live shows. It is definitely the best visual setup I have ever seen or heard of for a live act. But instead of trying to explain the awesomeness, I’ll just let the videos I took speak for themselves.

Below check out Amon Tobin playing “Piece of Paper” and “Bed Time Stores” from his 2011 album ISAM in the first video amd “Slowly” from his album Supermodified and some other new sounding song I don’t recognize in the second video. If this show comes to your city, do not miss it. Seriously.

As a bonus, I’ve also included an older video below of Amon Tobin showing off and explaining some of his best dj tricks (it is hilarious). Enjoy.

Broken Social Scene Live at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2011

The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival is an amazing annual free concert put on in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park bringing together music from primarily bluegrass, folk, indie, country, blues, and rock roots (thus the hardly strictly descriptor). This year had an especially good lineup (and did I mention it ‘s always free) so I made sure to make it out to two out of the three days. It’s great fun and I would highly recommend it to people for future years.

One of the only acts I had a really good vantage point for was Broken Social Scene (festival stages get crowded when they’re free), so I took a few videos which you can see below. Check out live videos of Broken Social Scene playing “Fire Eye’d Boy” and “World Sick” at Hardly Strictly 2011 respectively below. Enjoy!