Iron & Wine Live on the 4AD Sessions

Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam recently played a live acoustic set in London for 4AD Records’ Sessions and lucky for us, the video has now graced youtube for everyone to enjoy (and enjoy it you will).

It is really a pleasure to see Beam return to his roots and play an acoustic set given that his albums and live sets have become increasingly grandiose in recent years (for better or worse, depending on who you ask).

Don’t get me wrong though, I think that the man is still churning out quality songs; nonetheless, I preferred his minimal lo-fi style in the early years as opposed to the more full band overproduced style of late. For example, I felt that his 2011 release Kiss Each Other Clean was good in its own right; but, I personally found myself enjoying the early live solo renditions of the songs more than the final album versions (like these I posted about a while ago).

Regardless, Sam Beam is still amazing as a solo musician and the with video below serves as ample proof. So go ahead and check it out already (with the set list below) to enjoy some relaxing indie folk goodness.

Set list:

  • Tree By The River (0:06)
  • Biting Your Tail (3:34)
  • Big Burned Hand (7:07)
  • Half Moon (10:01)
  • Upward Over The Mountain (12:56)

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