Panda Bear makes his TV Debut on Fallon

Animal Collective’s Panda Bear aka Noah Lennox recently made his tv debut as a solo artist recently on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon playing “You Can’t Count On Me” from his 2011 album Tomboy.

Panda Bear was joined onstage by Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom (who helped mix Tomboy) while regular visual collaborator Danny Perez displayed waves of visuals over the entire stage. Check out the video below for yourself. Noah does a really nice rendition and intro of this tune.

[Editors Note: Stupid WordPress apparently doesn’t allow embedding photobucket videos and I can’t find a loophole so far, so for now you will just have to click on the link below to watch. Sorry.]

Also, a while back a new non-Tomboy Panda Bear song “Atiba” was featured in a GH2 Skate video that you should check out below. The song is lushly sweet and the skating is pretty awesome too. See for yourself…

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