Animal Collective debuts New Songs on 2011 Tour

After a brief break from touring and the release of solo albums by respective members Panda Bear (Tomboy) and Avey Tare (Down Under), Animal Collective are back at it again with a slew of new material to support their 2011 tour dates. With longtime member Deakin rejoining the band after a multi-year hiatus, Animal Collective is back to being a four piece and has since crafted at least ten new songs that are currently being showcased on tour.

I recently caught them live at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and as luck will have it, some other kind Animal Collective fan recorded their set there and posted the songs broken up online. I originally found the bootleg from this Collected Animals forum thread, but since them someone has refined that audio recording and re-posted it here (download link below):

Animal Collective – Live in SF @ GAMH (4/13/11)

Their set list  consisted of 14 songs in total, including 10 new songs (indicated by the *) to go along with four nicely reworked classics as listed below:

  1. Change*
  2. Stop Thinking*
  3. Did You See The Words
  4. A Long Time Ago*
  5. Take This Weight*
  6. Knock You Down*
  7. Brother Sport
  8. Mercury*
  9. Your Choice*
  10. Frights*
  11. We Tigers
  12. Summertime Clothes
  13. I’d Rather*
  14. Little Kid*
Also if you hadn’t heard, Animal Collective played Coachella a few days after the SF show and intro’d their set with a ridiculous audio visual light experience thanks mainly to Coachella’s amazing moving main stage. Check out the video below for proof:

That was easily the most epic thing I saw at Coachella in 2011 and it will definitely take a while for something to top that.