Thom Yorke DJs, releases 12″ with Burial/Four Tet, and collaborates with DOOM

In case you haven’t been following music news in the last few weeks, Thom Yorke (of Radiohead fame) has been getting a lot of attention of late; but surprisingly, none of it is Radiohead related at all. In short, Yorke recently recorded a few songs with Burial and Four Tet, played a surprise DJ set at Low End Theory in Los Angeles, and is now rumored to be working with DOOM on some future songs that may eventually become a joint album.

After Four Tet and Burial last hooked up for their excellent Moth/Wolf Cub split in 2009, I was desperately hoping that the two would soon join forces again for some sort of release. Well, not only did they deliver on that front, they also enlisted a little known English singer named Thom Yorke to provide vocals for their two new tracks named “Ego” and “Mirror”. The songs were just released on Four Tet’s Text Records and you can take a listen to radio rips of each song below. Alternatively, you can download the songs in all their lossless glory here (which I was very surprised to find, so act fast on this):

Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke – Ego/Mirror

As mentioned above, Thom also dropped some beats at a surprise DJ set for the bass friendly Low End Theory show in Los Angeles, CA (which is frequented by the Brainfeeder crew including Flying Lotus, seen below). Check out a good quality video of DJ Thom in action below.


Furthermore, Pitchfork recently reported on a potential collaboration between the metal-faced DOOM and Thom Yorke, citing a recent Australian interview where DOOM stated, “We’re working on some duets, some duet songs and shit. Just like preliminary shit but we’ll probably end up doing a whole record together.” As far as I know, this is the first mention DOOM and Yorke collaborating together other than Thom’s remix of DOOM’s track “Gazillion Ear”, which we discussed before here.

Additionally, there was mention of another DOOM project in the works with William Street (the people who do Adult Swim), which is exciting and sure to be hilarious; but honestly, I don’t want to be teased with anything new DOOM related until I am physically listening to the excruciatingly anticipated new Madvillain record (which we discussed before here) that should be released this year after getting continually pushed back for the last few years.

And lastly in case you didn’t know, Radiohead somewhat spontaneously released a record titled “King of Limbs” earlier this year without much publicity. The album isn’t single heavy, but it’s still good and worth your ear’s hard earned hours if you haven’t heard it yet.

Radiohead – King of Limbs

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