Swedish House Mafia – The Making of “One”

The Swedish House Mafia is the epic super DJ trio consisting of Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, & Axwell, and if the names don’t ring a bell, chances are that one of their songs would (trust me). 2010 was a huge year for them bolstered by their blockbuster hit single “One” which quickly became the rave/party anthem of the year with good reason.

With “One”s slick production and catchy bass riff (which as they explain, is really not a bass line at all) it’s not hard to see why the song is so popular; but how does one (or three in this case) go about thinking up and creating such a song? I often think about things like this when I hear a song that really does it for me, and luckily in this case, I don’t have to do much of the thinking.

Thanks to FutureMusic magazine, you can watch the entire Swedish House Mafia explain just how they crafted, layered, and composed the banger we know as “One” (from their debut compilation mix album Until One). Pretty interesting stuff.

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