Bassnectar Live at the Fox Theater

Last month I got the privilege of going backstage for the Bassnectar/Eskmo/Amplive show at the Fox Theater on Dec. 11 for work reasons (I helped build some custom Midi Fighters for Amplive which you can check out here). To say the least, the show was pretty entertaining, especially from the vantage point of backstage and the vip areas.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out some pictures and video I took below with a work camera (that puts my regular one to shame). Sorry for the terrible audio quality on the videos though, being right behind the speakers that he personally brings to every show (to ensure he gets adequate bass) makes it quite a challenge.

And in case you were wondering, (as you can see in some of the footage) Bassnectar plays live with two laptops running Ableton Live controlled by two M-Audio Trigger Fingers and an Allen & Heath Mixer.

Bassnectar also worked in some classic Jimi Hendrix samples (see video below) and honestly I’m not sure if it’s from a remix he made or it’s just something he’s working into the mix but either way I like the idea of Hendrix + anything.

And here’s a  video (from the viewpoint of the crowd) of Bassnectar playing “Basshead” where you can see the visuals from his impressive hanging led light screens, which are damn sweet. I wish I had one of those (let alone 5+).

And some more pictures…

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