The Books Live at the Palace of Fine Arts

The Books played live at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA a while back on Tuesday Nov. 30 and they were great. I had meant to write a proper review but never actually got around to it so I’m just going to leave a couple videos instead. Unfortunately I forgot my camera and only had my phone to take a few pictures. However, I must say that the venue was amazing and the lounge area (in the picture below) outside the theater was also really nice.


Also, (in case you didn’t know) The Books are the duo of cellist Paul de Jong and guitarist/vocalist Nick Zammuto. However, they have recently added a new musician Gene Back, and the story goes that after meeting them he showed them how he could play most of their songs on various instruments and shortly after he was signed up for touring duties. It’s a pretty awesome story, and the guy is a ridiculously impressive musician.

Check out a video below of him playing the entire guitar part for their song “Tokyo”, which (when I saw them) they explained that they only started putting the song back in their set because he could physically play the guitar live for it.

Also, check out the music video for one of their new songs “A Cold Freezin’ Night” that is comprised entirely of kids samples taken from old Talk-boy cassettes (see below) that they found.

And just for kicks, here’s the video for an old favorite of mine “Smells Like Content” that will test your speed reading skills like you never imagined.

And if you’ve come this far and you’re still interested in The Books, you should check out this informative description about them as a band and their new album “The Way Out” that Jefferson Theater wrote.


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