Phaseone’s Mad Weight

Alright, I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Phaseone is a St. Louis based hip hop producer who has made a name for himself by remixing some notable indie talents, putting out a few quality mix tapes (which we talked about before here), and releasing a solid debut album (most of which he gives away as free downloads at his website here).

A while back when I was scraping the internet for more of his tunes I found his 2008 self-released album Mad Weight, a 48 track collection of beats much in the style of similar J Dilla and Madlib releases (instrumental beats, lots of songs, all short in length).

On Mad Weight, Phaseone samples a few notable movies (including a personal favorite in “Donnie Darko”) and also shows the origins for some samples he would later go on to use in his album Thanks But No Thanks. But regardless of all this, the beats are great and I’ve had this on heavy repeat every since discovering it. Give it a spin to see for yourself and definitely go out and support this guy if you ever have the chance. In my mind, he’s definitely one of the more underrated producers out there now. Check out the download link below.

Download Phaseone’s Mad Weight

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