My DJ Techtools Article “DJ Booths Are Getting Crazy!”

Sorry for being so m.i.a. to this blog lately (and no, i’m not referencing her) but times have been pretty busy having just recently moved to San Francisco while keeping hard at work with the personal and professional projects I’ve got going right now (which will hopefully amount to some cool stuff to talk about here later).

Along those lines, I wrote an article recently for DJ Techtools showcasing some of the more interesting DJ booths being used in live setting these days from an entertainment aspect. It showcases the likes of DJ Shadow and his ridiculous Shadow Sphere,  Deadmau5, Etienne De Crecy, and Vitalic’s V-Mirror show.

And seriously, if any of these guys come through your town, go support them, whoever made their crazy light devices, and above all else,  just have yourself a good time. By the way, I recently found an even better video of the Shadowsphere in action that actually has somewhat decent audio (unlike most others) so check that out for a short glimpse into his epic current live show.

Check out my recent DJ Techtools article “DJ Booths Are Getting Crazy!” here

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