Pantha Du Prince Live (09/18/10)

Pantha Du Prince (aka Germany’s Hendrik Weber) finally made the long (awaited) trek out to San Francisco on his 2010 US tour in support of Black Noise. Long story short the show was good, Pantha managed to mix in a solid variety of tracks from his past two stellar records while creating some interesting (and effect heavy) sounds live to add over the top (ranging from a half full glass of water to an array of small metal objects); nonetheless, (to me) the venue didn’t quite seem to fit for his style of ambient/minimal techno music.

People standing and watching a concert isn’t exactly the right fit for Weber’s unique sound, but neither is treating him as a dj at a club…It’s somewhere in the middle where I feel Pantha Du Prince would really excel. Maybe at the end of a long night at an outdoor electronic music festival or something of that sort (Coachella 2011, I’m looking at you). His music is relaxing yet mentally stimulating and before you realize it you’ll probably be pulsating to the beat wondering if you’re stuck in some sort of trance or are reaching a new level of sonic nirvana.

For a better idea on how Pantha Du Prince is live, check out the videos below of “Saturn Strobe” and “Satellite Sniper” (where you can especially see his use of everyday objects to create ambient noises towards the end). Pretty cool stuff. I look forward to seeing him again in the future in a more fitting setting.