El Guincho Debuts New Pop Negro Songs Live

El Guincho (aka Spain’s Pablo Diaz-Reixa) is readying the follow up to his sensational 2008 album Alegranza! and in support, he recently decided to travel over to the states to host a brief tour at a couple of choice cities. I caught his show at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco this past Friday, July 9th and El Guincho didn’t disappoint by being sure to bring a storm of tropical funk with him (which those who hear it will not soon forget).

Unfortunately, El Guincho’s live band was without their touring bassist due to an emergency back in their home Barcelona so (as they explained), prior to the show they had to go into the studio with him to record all of his bass tracks down into samples for Pablo to play on one of his SP-404’s in addition to his usual tasks of singing, playing samples on his other SP-404, playing his drum pad, and playing the keyboard too (believe me, this guy keeps himself busy on stage). The duo lamented a few times that they were nervous playing and it felt like a very “intense” show for them; however, there were no discernible hiccups and I thought they did a great job of handling it all. They could have easily said nothing and no one would have assumed that anything from their show was even missing.

El Guincho played through a staple of Alegranza! songs while also playing at least as much new material, if not more. I was fortunate enough to capture a couple of new songs from his upcoming album Pop Negro on video (see below), which he said should be coming out around September. The first one posted below, (that I now know is called “Bombay”) is a sweet tune with some nice live funky guitar on it, which is a fitting addition nowadays to his tropical sampler sound.

Update: El Guincho recently posted the recorded version of “Bombay” on his official website which you can freely download below (or stream from his site).

El Guincho – Bombay

I also caught one other new song (Untitled 2), which (as he stated right before playing it) is Pablo’s favorite song on the upcoming album. So as you might guess, it’s a good one and sure to be a Pop Negro highlight.

Personally, I always enjoy when I hear artists playing/reinventing older songs in new and different ways and El Guincho exhibits a good example of this thought with his live version of “Costa Paraiso”.

Lastly, I caught the fitting encore of the Alegranza! gem “Antillas” which featured “the dancing guy” from the opening band multi-person collective Still Flyin’ (which I couldn’t help but liken to a local poor man’s Broken Social Scene, which I assure you is a compliment) and it had the crowd rocking until eventually everyone else felt like it was also time to jump on stage and join the El Guincho dance party. Quite a fun experience to end another great show, this time courtesy of El Guincho and the Rickshaw Stop.

Panda Bear Live at Primavera Sound

Recently Animal Collective’s Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox) has been giving the public a little insight into his ridiculously anticipated upcoming album Tomboy (which we spoke about before here) with a number of live shows, the most recent of which coming at this year’s Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona, Spain.

Luckily for us, someone at the sound board was recording the show, resulting in the best quality live Tomboy audio to date. Ola’s Kool Kitchen of Radio 23 broke the podcast onto the internets and well, let’s just say it didn’t take very long for everyone else to catch word of it.

Panda Bear’s set consisted on nine new songs (see tracklist below) and all but one of them seem to now be known by their proper title. Aside from the currently untitled King Tubby sample song, at this point we only know of one other new potential Tomboy track called “The Preakness”. Some months back Noah posted a setlist for his mini European tour on his myspace blog page showing the title in his planned encore, but apparently only one of those three shows were even graced by an encore, and that show’s encore only featured Ponytail.

Alas, Panda fans have dug deep and now think that a song he played a few times live that was going by “A Day Ago” is the aforementioned “The Preakness”. The best live example of the song in question comes from the 01/17/10 show in De Kreun, Kortjik, and you can check out a bootleg of the show for yourself here and form your own opinion. Either way, I like this “A Day Ago” live track and if it doesn’t turn out to be “The Preakness” I’ll be that much more happy because it’ll just mean that there’s one more new Panda Bear track for me to hear in the future.

Anyways, for those who like long audio files in their entirety, you can download the podcast of the Primavera Sound show here; but, if you’re like me and want a version with individual tracks and titles (I blame you last.fm) there is also a broken up version that you can download here:

Panda Bear – Live @ Primavera Sound 2010

  1. Drone
  2. Tomboy
  3. Untitled “King Tubby” Sample Song
  4. Surfer’s Hymn
  5. Ponytail
  6. Last Night At The Jetty
  7. Benfica
  8. Slow Motion
  9. Bullseye
  10. You Can Count On Me

There are also some pretty decent quality videos I found from the Primavera Sound show which I’ve posted below; however, (as Noah mentions) the visuals didn’t end up working for this show so if you’re trying to catch a sneak peak at the wild concoction of images he’s been known to throw behind himself while he plays…well, you’re going have to look elsewhere or catch him on one of his remaining tour dates (Fox Theater, I’m looking at you!).

Oh yeah, and Panda Bear just today released the first 7″ of the Tomboy series featuring the title track “Tomboy” and my current personal favorite “Slow Motion” which you can buy now at the Paw Tracks online store. And if you didn’t get the chance to hear the (low quality) vinyl rips of these songs before they got yanked off Soundcloud trust me, they’re out there to find and are pretty darn good as well (and if you don’t believe me, learn to click on a link buddy).