Aphex Twin Plays New Material Live

A few weeks back, Warp officially announced that the mysterious and illustrious man named Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin (among a number of other monikers) scheduled a short (and rare) string of DJ dates across Europe this summer (see the remaining dates below). This past May 15th, the first of said Aphex Twin DJ sets occurred in France at the Metz in Centre Pompidou.

Regarding the current Aphex Twin tour dates a Warp Records spokesman stated that,  “Richard himself says his sets are full of unreleased tunes”, which is quite intriguing to say the least. However, as fans of Richard James’ work know well, the man casts a wide net of musical stylings as demonstrated by his ridiculous discography (of his Aphex Twin alias alone), so the fact that he is playing some “new tunes” is a bit vague in terms of knowing what to expect.

Well, lucky enough for us (not fortunate enough to be there, or in Europe for that matter) we don’t need to hypothesize or conjecture as to what James’ new Aphex Twin creations sound like. A number of videos with pretty decent audio quality have surfaced on the internet, and not only do the majority of the songs he played sound new, they also sound pretty damn good. It’s got me looking forward to the next Aphex Twin release, whenever and whatever that may be. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look/listen for yourself below.

Aphex Twin (Remaining Live Dates):

05-26 Düdingen, Switzerland – Kilbi Festival
06-12 Inverness, Scotland – Rockness
08-28 London, England – LED Festival
09-26 Ibiza, Spain – Space Ibiza

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