Deadmau5: Behind The Mask

I recently stumbled across a pretty interesting short video series called “Deadmau5: Behind The Mask” detailing the man (aka Mr. Joel Zimmerman)’s large mouse head and some of the visual aspects of his current Deadmau5 live show, including his brand new (and pretty damn cool) light cheese head stage screen device (or whatever you call it). All I know is that I want to see it do its thing live, especially after missing out on it at its Coachella debut to catch Jay-Z.

Check out the three part “Deadmau5: Behind The Mask” series  by Zane Lowe below.

Oh, and Deadmau5, I got you an easy answer as for how to top your light show rig for the next big thing. Take this “Spinning RGB LED Ball” in the video below as your example. It is possibly the coolest machine light show device you will ever see (that inevitably was created by some genius rave engineer). All you got to do is take that and scale it up ten times. Done and done.

And while I’m here I might as well throw in Deadmau5′ new song “Some Chords”. If you haven’t heard it, it’s worth at least a listen.

2 thoughts on “Deadmau5: Behind The Mask

  1. excellent content…very happy to see the mau5 enjoying life and making people around the world smile.

    all my best-

  2. Joel u r doing a gr8 work I am a BIG fan and hope, no, I KNOW u will continue blowing my mind with ur beats. U have a gr8 personality and u r my living example of being amazing. try to quit smoking, srsly i think u know that it’s not good for u.

    ohh btw , that spinning RGD LED ball is the it

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