Iron and Wine Debuts New Songs Live

Iron and Wine‘s Sam Beam has flown a bit under the radar since his last record and full band tour supporting 2007’s The Shepherd’s Dog, playing a few solo dates here and there and releasing both a live album (Norfolk) and a b-sides compilation (Around The Well) since that time.

When years go by and all that’s being released are compilations and live albums, it can often be the sign of an artist who has reached the pinnacle of their success and is riding it out; but I assure you, Beam still has plenty of good tunes left in him (oh, and those old ones still aren’t too bad either) to continue to cement himself as one of the great (folk) songwriters of our time.

Case in point, Sam has been showcasing some new tunes on the road lately like “Mary Anne” (which apparently took him 12 years to finish), “Mouth of the River”, and a brand new song “Half Moon” that he recently debuted at his 5/4/10 show in Charlottesville, VA.

Word is that Iron and Wine have finished recording their upcoming fourth full-length album and that it should be out sometime in the near future (hopefully that means this year!). Until then, enjoy the videos below.

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