Caribou & Toro Y Moi Live (5/23/10)

This past Sunday May 23, 2010 Dan Snaith and his Caribou ensemble came to San Francisco to play a show to a sold out crowd at The Independent, opened by Chaz Bundick’s Toro Y Moi.

Unfortunately I only caught the last few songs of Toro Y Moi’s set (which were solid) before Dan and the rest of the Caribou live band came out and played a lengthy set which ran through the majority of his stellar new album Swim while adding a few choice songs from the rest of his catalogue, going as far back as “Up In Flames” from his Manitoba days.

For those who don’t know, Dan Snaith formerly recorded music under the moniker Manitoba before changing the name to Caribou in 2004 after being threatened to a law suit by The Dictators frontman Richard “Handsome Dick” Manitoba. But I digress…

Anyways, I was able to record a couple of videos for your viewing and listening pleasure below. Check out Caribou playing “Leave House”, “Found Out/Bowls”, “Skunk”, and “Barnowl” live as well as Toro Y Moi finishing their set with potentially a new song (or maybe an old song or a cover song I don’t recognize). Either way, enjoy some tunes from an overall great concert and make sure to mark your calendars next time either one of these groups come through to your town.

Aphex Twin Plays New Material Live

A few weeks back, Warp officially announced that the mysterious and illustrious man named Richard D. James aka Aphex Twin (among a number of other monikers) scheduled a short (and rare) string of DJ dates across Europe this summer (see the remaining dates below). This past May 15th, the first of said Aphex Twin DJ sets occurred in France at the Metz in Centre Pompidou.

Regarding the current Aphex Twin tour dates a Warp Records spokesman stated that,  “Richard himself says his sets are full of unreleased tunes”, which is quite intriguing to say the least. However, as fans of Richard James’ work know well, the man casts a wide net of musical stylings as demonstrated by his ridiculous discography (of his Aphex Twin alias alone), so the fact that he is playing some “new tunes” is a bit vague in terms of knowing what to expect.

Well, lucky enough for us (not fortunate enough to be there, or in Europe for that matter) we don’t need to hypothesize or conjecture as to what James’ new Aphex Twin creations sound like. A number of videos with pretty decent audio quality have surfaced on the internet, and not only do the majority of the songs he played sound new, they also sound pretty damn good. It’s got me looking forward to the next Aphex Twin release, whenever and whatever that may be. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look/listen for yourself below.

Aphex Twin (Remaining Live Dates):

05-26 Düdingen, Switzerland – Kilbi Festival
06-12 Inverness, Scotland – Rockness
08-28 London, England – LED Festival
09-26 Ibiza, Spain – Space Ibiza

Deadmau5: Behind The Mask

I recently stumbled across a pretty interesting short video series called “Deadmau5: Behind The Mask” detailing the man (aka Mr. Joel Zimmerman)’s large mouse head and some of the visual aspects of his current Deadmau5 live show, including his brand new (and pretty damn cool) light cheese head stage screen device (or whatever you call it). All I know is that I want to see it do its thing live, especially after missing out on it at its Coachella debut to catch Jay-Z.

Check out the three part “Deadmau5: Behind The Mask” series  by Zane Lowe below.

Oh, and Deadmau5, I got you an easy answer as for how to top your light show rig for the next big thing. Take this “Spinning RGB LED Ball” in the video below as your example. It is possibly the coolest machine light show device you will ever see (that inevitably was created by some genius rave engineer). All you got to do is take that and scale it up ten times. Done and done.

And while I’m here I might as well throw in Deadmau5′ new song “Some Chords”. If you haven’t heard it, it’s worth at least a listen.

Iron and Wine Debuts New Songs Live

Iron and Wine‘s Sam Beam has flown a bit under the radar since his last record and full band tour supporting 2007’s The Shepherd’s Dog, playing a few solo dates here and there and releasing both a live album (Norfolk) and a b-sides compilation (Around The Well) since that time.

When years go by and all that’s being released are compilations and live albums, it can often be the sign of an artist who has reached the pinnacle of their success and is riding it out; but I assure you, Beam still has plenty of good tunes left in him (oh, and those old ones still aren’t too bad either) to continue to cement himself as one of the great (folk) songwriters of our time.

Case in point, Sam has been showcasing some new tunes on the road lately like “Mary Anne” (which apparently took him 12 years to finish), “Mouth of the River”, and a brand new song “Half Moon” that he recently debuted at his 5/4/10 show in Charlottesville, VA.

Word is that Iron and Wine have finished recording their upcoming fourth full-length album and that it should be out sometime in the near future (hopefully that means this year!). Until then, enjoy the videos below.

Jeff Mangum (of Neutral Milk Hotel) Plays Rare Live Set for Chris Knox Benefit

Last week on Thursday May 6th, champion recluse Jeff Mangum (of Neutral Milk Hotel fame) affirmed prior news and played an extremely rare live set at a benefit show for his stroke-recovering friend Chris Knox (from Tall Dwarfs) at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City.

As far as I know, it is the first show Jeff has played a set of his own songs in over nine years (excluding the few times he came out and played “Engine” during last years E6 Holiday Surprise Tour) since he ironically played a special one off show in New Zealand in 2001 at the urging of the same friend, Chris Knox.

Jeff played five songs in his recent short set, all of which were old Neutral Milk Hotel mainstay songs (see the setlist below). Based on the few videos of varying quality that have surfaced from the show (there was a strict camera/video policy), his voice sounds a bit more raw than in years past; but, given the frequency with which we get to hear music out of Mangum, I think anyone who has ever been a fan of his music is just happy that the event simply happened.

Jeff Mangum Live @ Chris Knox Benefit (5/6/10):

  • Oh Comely
  • A Baby for Pree/Where You’ll Find Me Now
  • Two Headed Boy Pt.2
  • In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
  • Engine

Since you’ve come this far down the page you are probably still salivating for some decent quality audio files of Mangum at the Chris Knox benefit. Unfortunately, to date no full audio recording of Jeff’s recent set has surfaced on the inter-nets (yet, hopefully).

To ease the pain you can reminisce in his last fully recorded set, the aforementioned 2/4/01 show at King’s Arms in New Zealand which was billed as “World of Wild Beards” featuring Jeff Mangum, Laura Carter, and Chris Knox himself . Download a full recording of Mangum’s set from that show here:

Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) – Live at King’s Arms, NZ (2/4/01).

Jeff Mangum – Live at King’s Arms, NZ (2/4/01) Setlist:

  • Two Headed Boy
  • I Love How You Love Me
  • Song Against Sex
  • King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1
  • King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 2 & 3
  • Everything Is
  • Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
  • Ghost
  • Oh Comely
  • Engine
  • In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
  • Mother (John Lennon Cover ft. Chris Knox)