Watch Out For: Teengirl Fantasy

A while back I came across the myspace page of Teengirl Fantasy (aka the duo of Oberlin College students Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss) and was instantly intrigued in a way random myspace band pages seldom do for me. I’ve yet to catch them live (come to SF), but I’ve only heard positive things about them in that vein as well. Maybe it’s just a style of music that’s up my alley; however, I have a feeling that if they stick at it and keep progressing, they’ll catch on.

I could go on discussing some of Teengirl Fantasy’s notable moments to date (including a corny and incredibly nostalgic official website hosted by angelfire); but, with a band in such its infancy it’s probably better if you just take a listen and see what you think for yourself.

Check out free downloads of Teengirl Fantasy’s recent TGIF EP, Hollywood Hils EP, and their hard to find self released 2009 CD-R below. And to round it out, I’ve also posted their music video for “Portofino” as well as some decent quality youtube videos of the duo doing their thing live.

Teengirl Fantasy – 2009 CD-R

Teengirl Fantasy – TGIF EP and Hollywood Hils EP

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