John Frusciante Audio Interview

While I was recently watching some videos on youtube, I surprised myself by stumbling on a lengthy 2009 audio interview (posted below in four parts) with the uber talented guitarist/musician John Frusciante (formerly of the RHCP).

The 30+ min. interview proved to be an interesting and insightful trip into Frusciante’s mind where he shared his thoughts on music, philosophy, the process of collaborating, the making of his recent solo record The Empyrean, and a lot about “intervalic relationships”.

And while I’m here, I might as well share a classic Frusciante cover of Simon and Gafunkel’s “For Emily” because simply put, the song is amazing. Plus, I’d be hard pressed to pick an artist that does a cover better justice.

Oh what’s that, don’t believe me you say? Well, then check out his rendition of Cat Steven’s “How Can I Tell You” below as well too. If that doesn’t convince you; well, at least I tried.

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