James Lanman and The Good Hurt Live in SF (3/19/10)

Good friend and former band mate (for a whole two days way back when! hahaha) James Lanman debuted his new band The Good Hurt to an enthusiastic hometown crowd at San Francsico’s Hotel Utah this past Friday, March 19th 2010.

The now Seattle, Washington based James Lanman and The Good Hurt consists of James on vocals/rhythm guitar, Max Brockman on lead guitar, Jesse Summers on bass, and Max Wood on drums. The band showed off their chemistry and skills running through a variety of songs; some from Lanman’s debut record Asphalt Roads, some newer ones, and even a few covers in both serious and whimsical manners (including a crowd pleasing Kings of Leon impression).

Above all else, James was typically on his game when it came to the song transitional banter resulting in many smiles and laughs throughout the set (always being one to maintain a jovial vibe). And despite the sweltering heat and oddly shaped venue, Lanman and the gang got in about an hours worth of songs before the night was closed out by the one man band Kaptron.

Check out some videos below of James Lanman and The Good Hurt performing “Hollywood” and a cover of The Pixies classic, “Where Is My Mind”. If you like what you hear, check out James Lanman’s myspace page and keep on the lookout for Lanman’s electronic-leaning side project Moons Over Miami in the future.

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