Prefuse 73 Live @ Slims (02/02/10)

Prefuse 73 aka Guillermo Scott Herren played a concert not too long ago on February 2, 2010 at Slims in San Francisco, CA. The Gaslamp Killer opened the show with a high energy DJ set that sprawled through a multitude of music spanning all sorts of genres new and old (which definitely exceeded my expectations). Be sure to check Gaslamp out if he comes through your area.

Prefuse 73 performed live manning a microphone, a guitar, a laptop, and a variety of electronic equipment (samplers, mixers, effects processors, etc). He was also joined on stage by two touring band mates, with one handling synthesizer/keyboard duties and another playing along to some of Prefuse’s skiddish beats (or, at least trying to) on a drum set.

Seeing Prefuse live reminded me how much his style has changed since his first Prefuse 73 album Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives as most of his newer songs no longer bare much resemblance to his initial glitch hip hop sound; but hey, with all the side projects and collaborations Herren has going on it’s no surprise that his own sound was bound to evolve along the way.

Check out the videos below of Prefuse 73 playing a song of his own (whose title I can’t remember) and a video of his set closing encore where Gaslamp Killer came back on stage to handle drumming duties in an impromptu jam session, which sounded exactly as described.

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