Sweden’s P3 Guld Sets the Bar for Award Shows

Dear Grammy’s, MTV VMA’s, AMA’s, and every other music related awards show out there. If you want to impress, surprise, bewilder, shock and/or give the public something to talk about, you better get working right now. The bar for award shows has been raised to a whole new level.

Sweden held it’s annual P3 Guld Public Radio Award show this past January 19th and in doing so, showed the rest of the world just how far musicians can push the envelope if you let them do whatever the hell they want. I could go on trying to describe what went on but it’s probably better that you just take a look for yourself.

Check out the videos below of Fever Ray giving the strangest acceptance speech you will ever see for the “Best Dance Artist” award, an entertaining costume filled performance of “Backseat” by Staygold ft. Robyn, Spank Rock, & Damien Adore, and the Teddybears performing “Rocket Scientist” in full on bear masks. Lady Gaga you better step your game up, you are officially not the weirdest awards show presence anymore.

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