Hear Four Tet’s New Album “There Is Love In You”

Four Tet aka Kieran Hebden has a new record There Is Love In You (album art above), that is being released next week on Jan. 25, 2010 via Domino Records (which we discussed before here).

Kieran has posted the album on Soundcloud to stream for FREE for this week only, so go check it out while you can. If you end up reading this later (after the stream is taken down), then go and buy the album already, it’s fantastic.

Edit: Four Tet’s Soundcloud stream has been removed. However, for the time being Domino Records is also streaming the record on Soundcloud here.

In anticipation of There Is Love In You, Four Tet has done a few interviews lately and given the the eclectic taste Kieran Hebden is known to have, they are always an interesting read. Check out his recent interviews with Pitchfork and BBC (wordpress won’t let me embed the BBC video interview so go see Four Tet’s site for that). In both interviews Kieran mentions Joy Orbison (if the name doesn’t ring a bell you can familiarize yourself with Joy Orbison’s music here) and Floating Points (check out the Floating Points myspace) as two new producers he’s been a fan of lately.

Visit Four Tet’s website for the album stream, BBC interview, information on his upcoming tour dates (he’s touring the US and UK), and everything else Four Tet related.

Maybe I’m just giddy from hearing the Four Tet album before it’s released, but I’d have to say that There Is Love In You is an early frontrunner for 2010 album of the year. Yes, it’s that good.

And while I’m on my Four Tet binge, check out this 2009 XL8R interview where Four Tet discusses his inspirations and gives some insight on the evolution of his sound leading up to There Is Love In You.

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