Etienne De Crecy and The EXYZT Cube

Most everyone these days are familiar with Daft Punk and their epic pyramid light show that toured the world over the past few years, but have you heard of Frenchman Etienne De Crecy and his cube? Unless you saw his set at Coachella this past year or are really in the know, chances are that you haven’t.

And to be honest, I’ve only learned about him and his cube recently and all I can say is that they are quite an impressive spectacle. While the 3 x 3 cube (designed by French collective EXYZT) dazzles you with synced up light tricks, Etienne De Crecy pumps out dance music from the central square, looking like a lone DJ contestant of Hollywood Squares. It definitely gives the Daft Punk pyramid a run for its money, and that is saying something. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself!

Now, before you run off to buy tickets to the nearest upcoming live show Etienne is playing, you should know that (sadly) he doesn’t always bring the cube with him. Regardless though, Etienne De Crecy’s tunes are still pretty solid and are worth a listen (check out Etienne De Crecy’s Myspace).

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