Upcoming: New DOOM EP and Madvillain LP

Our favorite multi-aliased, comic-based, masked, villainous MC known as DOOM (…remember all caps when you spell the man name) has prepared a new EP (see album art above) centered around the Gazillion Ear track off DOOM’s recent record Born Like This. The Gazillion Ear EP features remixes (headlined by Thom Yorke of Radiohead and David Sitek of TV on the Radio), instrumental tracks, an a capella, and a few non Gazillion Ear b-sides, all to be released on December 8 via Lex Records. Check out the tracklist and a stream of the Thom Yorke Gazilion Ear remix below.

In other news, DOOM has been busy at work with fellow blunted super producer Madlib on the sequel to their 2004 masterpiece Madvillain – Madvillainy. Although there is still no official title or release date to the new Madvillain LP, you can be sure that it will be released on Stones Throw Records (hopefully in early 2010). J Rocc (of the Stones Throw crew) recently played a few snippets of songs from the upcoming Madvillain album on the Fat Beats radio show (on Eastvillageradio.com) and as expected, they sound quite promising. Check out the a stream of JRocc’s Madvillain previews on the radio show below (via youtube). If you’re still wanting more, there was also a good article recently by the New Yorker on DOOM (with some details on the new Madvillain album), which can be partially read via Stones Throw.

Gazzillion Ear EP:

01 Gazzillion Ear
02 Gazzillion Ear (Thom Yorke Remix)
03 Gazzillion Ear (Dr WHo Dat? Remix)
04 Gazzillion Ear (Jneiro Jarel/SITEK Remix)
05 Gazzillion Ear (Acappella)
06 Gazzillion Ear (Instrumental)
07 Gazzillion Ear (Thom Yorke Remix) (Instrumental)
08 Gazzillion Ear (Dr WHo Dat? Remix) (Instrumental)
09 Gazzillion Ear (Jneiro Jarel/SITEK Remix) (Instrumental)
10 Green Whore Net (bonus beat)
11 Feta (scratch samples)
12 Kat Girl (bonus)

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