Upcoming: Four Tet LP “There is Love In You”

As luck will have it, a few days after making my recent post on Four Tet’s new single “Love Cry”, details on Four Tet’s upcoming album have surfaced. The new album is called There Is Love In You and it consists of nine tracks including the aforementioned single Love Cry. The rest of There Is Love In You‘s tracklist can be seen below.

Four Tet aka Kieran Hebden hasn’t put out a full length album under his Four Tet moniker since 2005’s Everything Ecstatic; however, he has been keeping more than busy in the meantime putting out four experimental albums with Steve Reid, a new Fridge album, a collection of Four Tet remixes, an EP with Burial, a Four Tet EP, and a mix cd for the DJ Kicks series. Who knows what electronic tricks and gadgets he’s picked up in the meantime. All I can hope is that he later follows up the new album with a Part 2, much like Everything Ecstatic Pt. 2 because aside from some interesting b-sides and remixes there were some really trippy videos for all the songs on that album.

There Is Love in You:

01. Angel Echoes
02. Love Cry
03. Circling
04. Pablo’s Heart
05. Sing
06. This Unfolds
07. Reversing
08. Plastic People
09. She Just Likes to Fight

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