Phaseone Releases New Mixtape and Album for Free

Phaseone is an up and coming St. Louis based producer/artist/dj that has turned a lot of heads in the past year by crafting his own style of woozy electro-crunk hip-hop headlined by a number of successful heavy remixes of non hip-hop artists (tackling artists from Panda Bear, Burial, Animal Collective, Bloc Party, and Radiohead to name a few), not to mention his impressive debut release from this year titled “Thanks But No Thanks”. Being the generous guy that he is, Phaseone has offered his album as a free download through his current label Lefse Records (which can be downloaded below).

Phaseone – Thanks But No Thanks (Download)

And Phaseone keeps the beats rolling with his new mixtape release “White Collar Crimes”, which includes many of his spectacular remixes (that have gained him some well deserved respect as heard through his myspace) as well as a few new pieces of hazy knocking production. Just wanting the music to be heard, Phaseone has once again made this a free release (see the download link below).

Phaseone – White Collar Crimes Mixtape (Download)

Check these two quality releases out and download them while they’re still being offered for free! This is one guy you are going want to keep your eyes/ears on in the future.

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