New Animal Collective EP and Single Coming in 2009

Animal Collective are a busy bunch of guys. This year alone has brought a new album (Merriweather Post Pavilion), a US and European supporting tour that included new/reworked songs and visuals, a variety of remixes (including their recent Phoenix remix), a couple of music videos to go along  with their associated single releases, work on a visual film/record with Danny Perez, and now an upcoming Brothersport single release and a new 5-song EP titled Fall Be Kind. And you thought you had a busy year.

The Brothersport 10″ (see the cover art above) is due out on November 9 from Domino and includes the title track and b-side “Bleeding (Live)”, which  is a song that was recorded at a show in Big Sur earlier this year (and is supposed to be a jammed out version of new song “Bleed” that transitions into “What Would I Want Sky”) . However, the bigger news lies in the rumored (and now confirmed from Dave/Avey Tare himself) Fall Be Kind EP that mysteriously showed up on Amazon recently as a pre-order and had fans wondering if this was some sort of hoax or a dream come true.

Well, it’s true and the EP is planned to be released in digital form in mid November and in vinyl/CD form in early December. Dave discussed all of the details regarding both releases and everything else going on in their crazy lives in a recent Pitchfork interview explaining that the EP is a little darker than MPP and was ideal for a fall season release, that the anticipated visual film/record is in the final stages of completion and should see the light of day next year, and that the band is going to take a break from touring for a while to focus on music and other things. And given how busy they’ve been, it seems only fair that they take a break and enjoy all the success that 2009 has brought them.

The Fall Be Kind EP (see cover art above) opens with one of their former live staples “Graze” (formerly known as the Pan Flute Jam) that they had been playing in concert since 2007 and is probably the song that I’ve most anticipated hearing in  its final produced form ever since it has vanished from their live sets. Then comes “What Would I Want Sky” which is a newer song they’ve played live starting this year which quickly became famous for being the first song to ever include a licensed sample from The Grateful Dead. The third song “Bleed” is the newest song to grace their live set and is a short droney piece that also shows up in its live form on the Brothersport single. Fourth comes the nearly forgotten “On A Highway” which briefly made its way into their live sets a few years back and was recorded in a 2007 BBC session (which many expected to be the closest to a final recording of the song that we’d ever hear), and lastly is “I Think I can”, which appears to be a completely new song (unheard in any fashion) although some are speculating that it is the song that Panda Bear opened with in his recent solo set at ATP NY that segued into “Chores”.

And if all this news isn’t exciting enough, Panda Bear is also supposed to guest on Pantha Du Prince’s upcoming album Black Noise (the follow up to his gorgeous 2007 release This Bliss) which is slated to be released on February 8, 2010. According to the liner notes, Panda Bear adds vocals to a song titled “Stick to My Side” and is sure to be an album highlight.

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