Daft Punk in Tron Legacy

Although there has been no official announcement, it has been a reportedly confirmed rumor for some time now that Daft Punk are going to be scoring the soundtrack to the upcoming sequel to the 1982 hit film Tron, titled Tron Legacy (which is slated to hit the big screens on December 17, 2010).

A snippet of the Daft Punk Tron Legacy theme premiered a while back at Comic Con, and now a higher quality version has surfaced on the information hungry internets (see youtube link below). The theme sounds adequately robot-like and has Daft Punk fans worldwide salivating at the promise of another quality audio release, soundtrack or otherwise.

More recently, Olivia Wilde (who will be starring in Tron Legacy) confirmed in an MTV  interview that not only did Daft Punk score the film, but that they also make a cameo in the movie (as quoted, “they were in the movie”). Sounds pretty awesome. However, the french duo has had others don the robot suits in the past (such as for their film Electroma) so there’s no real knowing yet as to whether they actually were on the set. Either way, the news is all very exciting; unfortunately, there is still over a year until we can see any of this come to fruition.

[Edit: The youtube clip I originally had posted below was removed, so I’ve put up a new one, which I believe is the same]

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